I'm a wedding photographer who enjoys photographing passionate people in love.

Pre Wedding Photography

One of the most important key elements that spark the magic of any wedding is the pre-wedding photo shoot. It is that moment when the couple can tell express their love and uniqueness in a picture. If you are about to tie the knots, you shall be very excited. The same excitement must be whirling in the hearts of your loved ones who are dying to know the story behind the marriage. Tell your story with a splendid video shot before the wedding or through a collection of mesmerizing pictures that displays your togetherness and the love in it.

Candid Photography

Candid photo shoots are the best way to get a picture of your family friends and love of your life. This gives meaning, timeline, true emotions, creates story-line, the pictures comes to life when you see them at your leisure time. Thus brings memories of your life whenever you see those images. This provides the person who is watching the simple image on an album goes back to same scenario when it happened. Just like watching a film.

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